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Experiments with Words

As people learn that water reacts happily when we show or say good words to water and it reacts in a negative way as we show or say negative words, many children in many different countries have done various experiments.  Below are some examples:



In the photo, left to right, they are “Thank you”, “You fool”, and “Ignored”.

Rebecca got 3 pots of same size and same color. She wrote “I love you”, “I hate you”, and “Ignored”, and put them on the pots, and she said each words to the flowers every day. She took photos of the flowers every day for 30 days.

She did not give any water during these 30 days of experiment. You can see the results clearly even with flowers.

Some children have sent us their thoughts after doing the experiments. They all learned that positive words affect positively and negative words affect negatively to their surroundings. After the experiments, they will want to use good words. They will want to say “Thank you” to everyone and everything. They will want to change the world in a better way!


You can find more experiments and results done by different people around the world in YouTube.


*** Rice Experiment ***
*** Rice Experiment ***
*** Flower Experiment ***
*** Flower Experiment ***
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